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Cities Reimagined.

We’ve spoken to people around the globe and asked them how they use a Brompton to move in their city, uncovering what has changed and how they hope their city will shape itself in the future.

Cities, reimagined.



Residing in Bussum, a small town 30km outside of Amsterdam, Kim Peters talks about how her Brompton allows her to combine the drive to school with her daughter and the privilege of cycling through the city to the Rapha store in the nine streets neighbourhood of Amsterdam where she works. 

Cities Reimagined - South Africa

When Francia left Manhattan 18-months ago to go on an extended holiday, he had no idea a global pandemic would lead him to a totally new life on the South African coast. With his high-pressure legal job behind him and enforced travel restrictions in place, there was no choice but to slow down and take time. Along with his trusted Brompton, he explored the world around him.

Cities Reimagined - Melbourne

Eddy Carroll and Alasdair MacKinnon of The Boroughs, an internationally recognised design store in East Brunswick, Melbourne, ride their Bromptons to deliver their orders and have found places they didn’t even know existed along the way.

Featuring - Eddy Carroll and Alasdair MacKinnon of https://www.theboroughs.co/ 

Videographer - Ryan Skeleton

Cities Reimagined - Shanghai

Shanghai local, drinks and distillery expert Yang Jinyong uses his Brompton to get around the city.

Life has changed in China following the virus, and cycling has seen a dramatic increase in popularity as more people avoid the risks of public transport.

Cities Reimagined - Tokyo

Model Risa Shichino has been riding her bike across Tokyo more often following the pandemic.  

Risa takes her Brompton with her to shoots and training, keeping away from the crowds and staying active while she travels. 

Cities Reimagined - Putrajaya

Mariana owns and runs her own business in Putrajaya. Her biggest challenge was dealing with traffic jams on her way to meet clients, which completely changed when she was introduced to Brompton.


Riding bikes is a lifelong passion of Mariana's, and is also a great way for her to spend time with her children.

More Owner Stories...

From NYC to London to Paris, watch how Brompton owners in cities around the world have been using their bicycles on tour, to get to work, and to just explore.

Los Angeles

Based in LA, bassist Nathan East brought his Brompton to NYC to play 2 nights at Madison Square Garden with Eric Clapton.

Los Angeles

Ryan Maxey is a documentary filmmaker living in LA. He takes his bike with him all over the world, check out some of his coolest scenes.

New York City

Tom Lutz works at Google’s Chelsea Market offices and enjoys an unusual commute, 20 miles daily, year-round from his home in Leonia, NJ. You see, Tom commutes by Brompton – and boat!

New York City

Need a haircut? TheVeloBarber will come to you – by bike! Traveling around NYC and to cities around the world, watch how Julien Howard has connected to his customers in a new way by using his Brompton to get around.


Brompton’s very own Head of Product, Joel Natale has been working in the cycling industry for years. When you’re meeting people across the city and traveling in and out of London for work and play, you need a quick way to get around.


Luke Hopwood was one of the very first customers of Brompton Electric. An avid mountain cyclist, Luke switched from taking the Tube to get to work to cycling about 40 miles every single day.


Based in East London for over 20 years, Andy works as a UX consultant. Being able to keep his bike folded up at home or in the office means it stays safe – successfully avoiding being nicked while left outside.


“It’s not a bike you lock in the city, it’s a bike you keep with you.” Master barista Leonardo works in a specialty café in Paris.


Camille, originally from Paris, lives in London but is often catching the Eurostar with her Brompton to catch up with friends or head to a meeting.


Since he was a child, Wil loved cycling. Having racing bikes all his life, Wil was introduced to Brompton while working in London.


Jose Alberto lives in a small town 20km from Madrid. A passionate cyclist, working in a bike shop and commutes using his hybrid car and Brompton to get across Madrid.


Artist and entrepreneur Roos loves how quickly she can move around Amsterdam on her Brompton. She thinks of cycling as a form of meditation, a time to be with herself.