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brompton electric


Change the Way You Experience Your City



The Brompton Electric is the ultimate electric folding bike. The Brompton Electric is the smart, fast, and reliable way to get around and explore your city. Designed for comfortable riding, and featuring an intelligent pedal assist that gives you that extra push when you need it, it is for all cyclists, whether it's helping you fly up hills or easing those longer journeys to and from work.


The in-house designed electric motor is powered by a rechargeable battery and can provide 3 levels of pedal assist to suit your riding style. The removable battery means the Brompton Electric remains as compact as ever, and like all Brompton bikes it folds down quickly and easily so you can dash onto the train or store it in the boot of your car or under your desk.

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Pedals know when to assist you - so you'll never break a sweat riding into the wind, going uphill or flying between meetings.

brompton electric retail campaign

Take your Brompton Electric on trains, planes and taxis. You always have more options. Then unfold and explore.

brompton electric retail campaign

The battery separates with one click from the bike, so you can carry it everywhere and charge it anywhere.

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Thanks to the compact fold, the chance of theft is dramatically reduced as you can take your bike everywhere with you.

brompton electric retail campaign

Go everywhere fast. Maintain 15mph with ease and fly through the city. The 25 mile range* gives you incredible freedom.

brompton electric retail campaign

The Brompton Electric folds to a compact 585mm high x 565mm long x 270mm so you can charge it safe inside your home or workplace.

Test ride Brompton Electric

Visit one of our selected dealers to experience the benefits of a Brompton Electric first hand. Most stores also allow extended test rides.

Behind the scenes

Brompton Electric folds to a compact package so you can store it safely inside your home or workplace. A smart folding e-bike you can take anywhere, anytime. From public transport to the back of a car, Brompton Electric is an e-bike that can remain at your side at all times. Accepted on trains, trams, and metros; a folding e-bike is a hassle-free way to get around. The 2.9kg battery separates with one click from the lightweight electric bike (13.7kg), making it easy to carry, even on stairs.

Designed together with Williams Advanced Engineering, combining their technical Formula E expertise to develop a folding pedal assist bike with an electric motor that meets the complex demands of a Brompton. Smart sensor technology allows for different assistance modes so the bike knows when to assist you.

Ride up hills, into the wind and fly between meetings; always arriving fresh. Its ride position and agility are more than a match for conventional bicycles. Small wheels mean fast acceleration from red lights and increased mobility through busy streets.

*dependant on user and conditions